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This e-Procurement System facilitates vendors to view tenders released from all ISRO centres and then submit the bids online through this portal.

Important Information

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Public Tenders

Tender No Center Name Tender Description Bid Closing Date (IST) Bid Opening Date (IST) Actions
VS202100466201 VSSC Centrifuge Tester 28-December-2021 11:00 28-December-2021 11:30
SH202100126901 SDSC SHA Transportation of UDMH from St.Petersberg, Russia to SDSC SHAR 16-December-2021 16:00 17-December-2021 14:30
VS202100315701 VSSC CMM (CO-ORDINATE MEASURING MACHINE) 28-December-2021 11:00 04-January-2022 14:02
SA202100209001 SAC Xiilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC ZU19EG Development Kit 23-December-2021 14:28 24-December-2021 14:28
IS202100049201 URSC Fabrication,Assembly,Testing and supply of CGMI Adaptor 15-December-2021 09:30 15-December-2021 10:00
VS202100488401 VSSC Supply of Mitutoyo make or Equivalent measuring instruments 07-December-2021 14:01 07-December-2021 14:30
VS202100480501 VSSC ARAMID CYNATE ESTER FABRIC PREPREG & TOUGHNED CYNATE ESTER FILM ADHESIVE 07-December-2021 14:01 07-December-2021 14:30
VS202100458301 VSSC Supply, Installation, Performance Demonstration and Training of Articulated Arm CMM at VSSC 07-December-2021 14:01 07-December-2021 14:30
SA202100126501 SAC Integrated Data Center Solution with 3 Years Rate Contract 07-January-2022 14:00 07-January-2022 14:30
VS202100433501 VSSC Diodes 10-December-2021 13:29 10-December-2021 16:28
VS202100545601 VSSC EMC Shielding Tape 28-December-2021 11:30 30-December-2021 11:30
VS202100446201 VSSC Burn in supplies for digital ICs 28-December-2021 11:00 28-December-2021 11:00
SH202100038201 SDSC SHA Supply of supper insulated flexible cryogenic hoses for C25 stage servicing through main UCU 07-December-2021 16:00 08-December-2021 14:30
VS202100491801 VSSC AA2014 T4/T6 Alclad Sheets 31-December-2021 14:00 31-December-2021 15:00
LE202100011501 LEOS FTIR Spectrophotometer 21-December-2021 17:00 22-December-2021 10:30
VS202100501201 VSSC Prototype Lot Wafer Fabrication of Relay Driver ASIC 06-December-2021 11:00 08-December-2021 11:00
IS202100036401 URSC Panel Integration Fixtures for RISAT-2A 10-December-2021 09:30 10-December-2021 10:00
IS202100097001 URSC Space Qualified Frameless Hybrid Bipolar Stepper Motor 23-December-2021 09:30 23-December-2021 10:00
MC202100022901 MCF RG-58 Coaxial cable 07-December-2021 16:00 08-December-2021 10:00
SH202100099201 SDSC SHA Compressed air system, Breathing air system (CA & BA System) and Eye wash & shower system for ASLP facilites 14-December-2021 16:00 15-December-2021 14:30
IS202100123001 URSC 3 TON MODULAR MASS 23-December-2021 09:30 23-December-2021 10:00
VS202100320301 VSSC RE-LHRS PNEUMATIC VALVES 06-December-2021 10:06 06-December-2021 12:06
VS202100490101 VSSC CLOCK/CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR 06-December-2021 16:26 07-December-2021 12:00
VS202100010801 VSSC Programmable DC Electronic Load 06-December-2021 10:20 06-December-2021 16:20
VS202100402401 VSSC Hall Effect Current Sensor ?For Gaganyaan Checkout Systems 06-December-2021 10:23 06-December-2021 12:23
VS202100503601 VSSC Electronic components for Gaganyaan interface units 10-December-2021 10:36 10-December-2021 12:36
MC202100020201 MCF FM Demodulator 07-December-2021 16:00 08-December-2021 10:00
SA202100143001 SAC Commercial SMA Adapters, Attenuators & Termination 16-December-2021 16:31 17-December-2021 16:32
SC202100011601 SCL Supply Installation Testing and Commissioning of Process Vacuum System 09-December-2021 11:00 09-December-2021 11:01
SH202100046601 SDSC SHA Supply of SS pleated Filter elements 14-December-2021 16:00 15-December-2021 14:30
IS202100045501 URSC FPGA,PROM and Programmer 17-December-2021 09:30 17-December-2021 10:00
IS202100077001 URSC Coriolis mass flow meter 20-December-2021 09:30 20-December-2021 10:00
LP202100039301 LPSC Signal Conditioner 10-December-2021 14:30 10-December-2021 14:40
VS202000295601 VSSC Industrial Computer for mSCUBI Test Station 09-December-2021 17:00 10-December-2021 12:00
VS202100162201 VSSC LAMINAR FLOW TABLE 09-December-2021 17:15 10-December-2021 14:30
VS202100474501 VSSC Dual Output DC-DC Converter and EMI Input Filter 09-December-2021 17:00 10-December-2021 12:00
SH202100132101 SDSC SHA RATE CONTRACT FOR REPAIR WORKS FOR FURNITURE 08-December-2021 12:00 08-December-2021 12:05
VS202100446101 VSSC Digital Inclinometer 23-December-2021 11:00 24-December-2021 14:00
SH202100100901 SDSC SHA Supply of Oxygen & Hydrocarbon (ISROSENE) detectors and Flame detectors for ASLP facilities 14-December-2021 16:00 15-December-2021 14:30
VS202100397501 VSSC Chemicals 21-December-2021 14:00 21-December-2021 14:01
SA202100126301 SAC QUARTZ PLATE FOR LTCC SINTERING 19-December-2021 23:59 20-December-2021 11:00
TR202100020801 ISTRAC UNIVERSAL MODULATOR 28-December-2021 17:00 29-December-2021 10:00
TR202100016701 ISTRAC Unified storage 200TB 28-December-2021 17:00 29-December-2021 10:00
TR202100012701 ISTRAC CAMC of Computing infrastructure for INC2OPS and LASCC 28-December-2021 17:00 29-December-2021 10:00
TR202100014701 ISTRAC Workstations for GMCC and GMF 28-December-2021 17:00 29-December-2021 10:00
TR202100031901 ISTRAC Supply, Installatioin, testing and commissioning of Main LT panels at ISTRAC Ground Station, Port Blair. 28-December-2021 17:00 29-December-2021 10:00
VS202100159401 VSSC Gauges with display monitor 09-December-2021 17:00 10-December-2021 17:00
IP202100075901 IPRC Supply, installation & Commissioning of Eddy Current Dynamometer (500kW) 14-December-2021 10:00 14-December-2021 10:01
VS202100512501 VSSC Supply and Installation of Mobile Workstations for LTS and CRP Systems 22-December-2021 14:00 22-December-2021 14:00
VS202100467201 VSSC Laser shearography NDT equipment system for composite structures 22-December-2021 14:00 22-December-2021 14:30
IS202100112401 URSC MACHINING AND SUPPLY OF ALUMINIUM RINGS FOR SM STRUCTURE (G1 MODEL) 14-December-2021 09:30 14-December-2021 10:00
VS202100385701 VSSC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of handheld laser welding system with wire feeder 04-January-2022 14:00 04-January-2022 15:00
VS202100206001 VSSC Fabrication & Realisation of CUS EGC BLDC Motor as per the approved Process Control Document 22-December-2021 11:00 27-December-2021 11:00
VS202100485701 VSSC PXI chassis with PXI Modules for Automated Fuel Cell Checkout system 23-December-2021 17:00 24-December-2021 12:00
TR202100025001 ISTRAC Annual contract for running ILF canteen 29-December-2021 17:00 30-December-2021 10:00
TR202100005001 ISTRAC RF Signal Generator - up to 18GHz 28-December-2021 17:00 29-December-2021 10:00
VS202100473101 VSSC UV Ozone Cleaner 24-December-2021 10:47 27-December-2021 10:47
VS202100358701 VSSC PXI chassis with PXI Modules for Automated Power & Instrumentation Test Station 23-December-2021 17:00 24-December-2021 12:00
SH202100129601 SDSC SHA Calibration of Reference Calibrators/sensors (Pressure and Temperature) in calibration Lab, LSSF 16-December-2021 16:00 17-December-2021 14:30
LE202100020501 LEOS EVALUATION BOARD 09-December-2021 17:00 10-December-2021 10:30
VS202100248301 VSSC Supply and commissioning of motorised setting bench for calibration of measuring instruments 30-December-2021 14:00 30-December-2021 15:00
SH202100121801 SDSC SHA Fabrication Contract for SS Pipes & Tubes and MS Structural works 16-December-2021 16:00 17-December-2021 14:30
MC202100020301 MCF Hiring of leased line between MCF Hassan and NESAC Umiam 13-December-2021 16:00 14-December-2021 10:00
VS202100532401 VSSC Supply of Strain Indicator and recorder Instrument 16-December-2021 11:00 17-December-2021 11:00
SH202100143401 SDSC SHA Work contract for Software Development and Maintenance 16-December-2021 16:00 17-December-2021 14:30
VS202100143001 VSSC Procurement of Aramid Fiber Gasket with metallic binder for high temperature (750K) application. 06-December-2021 11:17 15-December-2021 11:00
TR202100024201 ISTRAC 3 channel tracking receiver 30-December-2021 17:00 31-December-2021 10:00
VS202100493201 VSSC Miniature Piezoelectric Accelerometers (2.5 to 4 grams) 10-December-2021 14:00 10-December-2021 14:30
HQ202100002401 ISRO HQ Space Object Tracking Data for 100 objects for 6 months 15-December-2021 16:00 15-December-2021 16:00
VS202100344301 VSSC Fiber Laser Source with Controller 08-December-2021 15:33 09-December-2021 15:33
VS202100160801 VSSC HIGH VACUUM TURBO PUMPING STATION 08-December-2021 10:03 09-December-2021 10:03
VS202100548601 VSSC Mould release agent (QZ66) or Equivalent 05-January-2022 10:00 05-January-2022 13:00
SC202100012901 SCL Fire Protection system and Safety Shower units in New Chemical Store building 03-January-2022 11:00 03-January-2022 11:01
SA202100159101 SAC Vibration Robust Fizeau Interferometer 07-December-2021 09:55 07-December-2021 09:55
IS202100097501 URSC FUSES 08-December-2021 09:30 08-December-2021 10:00
VS202100361801 VSSC Duplex LVDT for S200 FNC-EHA System 30-December-2021 11:00 31-December-2021 11:00
IP202100049601 IPRC SUPPLY OF GAS CHROMATOGRAPH 16-December-2021 14:00 16-December-2021 15:00
VS202100508301 VSSC HEAVY DUTY FIXED DUST COLLECTION SYSTEM 22-December-2021 14:00 22-December-2021 14:30
VS202100444601 VSSC Motorized Tensile Wire crimp pull tester 06-December-2021 16:04 07-December-2021 09:04
IS202100074201 URSC DIODES 23-December-2021 09:30 23-December-2021 10:00
VS202100408101 VSSC Prototype FPGA device for Radiation Tolerant FPGA with 3 million system gates -256 pin CQFP (RTProAsic3 RT3PE3000L proto device or equivalent) 15-December-2021 17:00 16-December-2021 10:00
IS202100011101 URSC MOSFET DICE 08-December-2021 09:30 08-December-2021 10:00
HS202100008301 HSFC Cable Ties & Mounts 13-December-2021 11:00 13-December-2021 11:30
VS202100415301 VSSC Micro miniature stickers for screening 24-December-2021 15:40 27-December-2021 11:00
VS202100225201 VSSC Components for TMR Health Monitoring Card 15-December-2021 11:54 15-December-2021 13:54
IP202100036301 IPRC EXISTENT GUM BATH WITH AIR GENERATOR AND STEAM GENERATOR 16-December-2021 14:00 16-December-2021 15:00
SH202100105101 SDSC SHA Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erection & Commsioining of 50 Ton & 40 Ton Capacity EOT cranes for SPAG facilities 06-December-2021 12:00 06-December-2021 12:00
VS202100364701 VSSC Three-port isolation amplifier ICs (AD210BN or equivalent) 17-December-2021 10:01 17-December-2021 12:01
TR202100027101 ISTRAC CAMC for NetApp FAS Storage at SCC, Lucknow and Bylalu 27-December-2021 10:00 28-December-2021 10:00
IS202100013101 URSC Solar Array Deployment Mechanism Flght Hardware 10-December-2021 09:30 10-December-2021 10:00
VS202100361701 VSSC RESISTORS FOR GAGANYAAN INTERFACE PACKAGES 24-December-2021 17:00 27-December-2021 10:00
IS202100114701 URSC Diodes (TV) 21-December-2021 09:30 21-December-2021 10:00
IS202100095501 URSC AC Voltage Fluctuation Protector 08-December-2021 09:30 08-December-2021 10:00
VS202100516101 VSSC SMART TWEEZER 22-December-2021 10:30 22-December-2021 11:00
VS202100547701 VSSC High Purity Powders for PM Components 27-December-2021 14:00 27-December-2021 14:15
VS202000173801 VSSC PROCUREMENT OF ISO TURNING INSERTS 21-December-2021 14:00 21-December-2021 15:00
IP202100048401 IPRC Supply of Seamless Stainless Steel (SS) pipes 24-December-2021 10:00 24-December-2021 10:01
IP202100076301 IPRC Sporadic work Outsourcing Contract for executing the Assembly & Integration activities in ESAIG for two years.. 28-December-2021 10:00 28-December-2021 10:01
NR202100002501 NRSC ACMS / FMS for Computer Systems of RCs for THREE Years 06-December-2021 11:00 06-December-2021 12:00
IP202100069401 IPRC Supply of Non-return Valves 06-December-2021 10:00 06-December-2021 10:01
VS202100473601 VSSC Precision Temperature Controller with thermistors 24-December-2021 11:59 27-December-2021 11:59
IS202100082001 URSC High value capacitors 20-December-2021 09:30 20-December-2021 10:00
IS202100082401 URSC RF Adapter 14-December-2021 09:30 14-December-2021 10:00
SH202100094001 SDSC SHA Computer Education for the students of classes from IV to X of Space central school 07-December-2021 12:00 07-December-2021 12:00
IS202100115201 URSC SEALANT TAPE AT-200Y 14-December-2021 09:30 14-December-2021 10:00
IS202100088901 URSC ENGINEERING GRADE RELAYS 15-December-2021 09:30 15-December-2021 10:00
IS202100113601 URSC PLATINUM RESISTANCE TEMPERATURE SENSOR 21-December-2021 09:30 21-December-2021 10:00
SH202100165701 SDSC SHA Borescopic Inspection System with stereo measurement 20-December-2021 12:00 20-December-2021 14:30
IS202100113801 URSC CTC21E Capacitors 21-December-2021 09:30 21-December-2021 10:00
IS202100113101 URSC Dynamic Multi Star Field Simulator 15-December-2021 09:30 15-December-2021 10:00
TR202100026501 ISTRAC Edge Switches for GMCC and GMF 10-January-2022 17:00 12-January-2022 10:00
SH202100133801 SDSC SHA Augmentation of Fire water Deluge systems for Gaganyaan facilities at SLP complex . 04-January-2022 16:00 05-January-2022 14:30
SH202100100701 SDSC SHA Foam based fire suppression system for ASLP Facilities 04-January-2022 16:00 05-January-2022 14:30
SH202100133201 SDSC SHA Augmentation of Compressed air system, breathing air system (CABA) and Eye /Face wash & shower system for Gaganyaan facilities at SLP. 04-January-2022 16:00 05-January-2022 14:30
SH202100100301 SDSC SHA Fire detection and alarm(FDA) system,Clean gas system for ASLP Facilities. 04-January-2022 16:00 05-January-2022 14:30
IP202100038701 IPRC Sporadic work outsourcing package for operation and maintenance of rotodyamic equipments for two years. 09-December-2021 14:00 09-December-2021 15:00
IP202100072301 IPRC Sporadic Work Outsourcing package for SIET, ILHP & CFAL 07-December-2021 14:00 07-December-2021 15:00
VS202100322701 VSSC RF Signal Generator PT 07-January-2022 11:00 10-January-2022 11:00
IP202100072601 IPRC Supply of Gaseous Helium 23-December-2021 14:00 23-December-2021 15:00
VS202100548301 VSSC Electro Optic Modulators for phase modulation 21-December-2021 14:00 21-December-2021 14:30
IS202100104501 URSC 54AC/ACT & 54 HCT Series Integrated Circuits 10-December-2021 09:30 10-December-2021 10:00
VS202100462301 VSSC Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor-10 uF 31-December-2021 10:30 31-December-2021 11:00
VS202100457301 VSSC 5Tons Double Girder EOT crane 07-January-2022 14:01 07-January-2022 15:00
VS202100439801 VSSC Fabrication, Assembly and Supply of 2m Class Composite Motor Case 12-January-2022 14:00 12-January-2022 14:30
IS202100103401 URSC Adhesive/Sealant (RTV - Room Temperature Vulcanizer) 20-December-2021 09:30 20-December-2021 10:00
TR202100020501 ISTRAC SITC of 2x80 KVA UPS for new 18mtr facility 14-January-2022 17:00 17-January-2022 10:00
SC202100013601 SCL Replacement of existing 8'' Make-Up Air Unit (MAU) fan section, Fan& Fan Motors, Isolation dampers, Diffuser plates etc. 03-January-2022 11:00 03-January-2022 11:30
IS202100043501 URSC Latching and Non latching relays 2A, 28V 17-December-2021 09:30 17-December-2021 10:00
IS202100067601 URSC THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE EPOXY ENCAPSULANT 23-December-2021 09:30 23-December-2021 10:00
TR202100026401 ISTRAC Core Switches for GMCC & GMF 14-January-2022 17:00 17-January-2022 10:00
VS202100578001 VSSC Bi-directional RS232 / RS485 / RS422 to FO Converter 03-January-2022 15:17 04-January-2022 10:17
VS202100483801 VSSC Rad Tolerant,high speed,buffer amplifier 28-December-2021 14:03 29-December-2021 14:03
VS202100509001 VSSC Low current relays for Gaganyaan interface units 30-December-2021 17:00 31-December-2021 12:00
IP202100076601 IPRC Procurement of Components, Fabrication, Assembly, Testing, Supply & commissioning of Pneumatic servicing units 31-December-2021 10:00 31-December-2021 10:01
VS202100180201 VSSC Microscope for PCB Inspection 06-December-2021 09:11 06-December-2021 16:13
SH202100124001 SDSC SHA Non Comprehensive AMC of Sliding Doors 30-December-2021 16:00 31-December-2021 14:30
VS202100394901 VSSC Fiber Optic Series Switch 03-January-2022 11:00 05-January-2022 11:00
TR202100009601 ISTRAC Digital Satellite Modems 06-December-2021 17:00 08-December-2021 10:00
VS202100486501 VSSC Supply of TESA make or equivalent measuring instruments with USB data transfer facility 07-December-2021 14:01 07-December-2021 14:30
VS202100531401 VSSC MEASURING INSTRUMENTS 21-December-2021 14:00 21-December-2021 15:00