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Tender No Centre Name Tender Description Bid Closing Date (IST) Bid Opening Date (IST) Actions
LP202400045601 LPSC SOLID STATE RELAYS 24-June-2024 12:00 24-June-2024 12:05
IS202400024301 URSC SITC of Compressed Air Line in ISITE 14-June-2024 09:30 14-June-2024 10:00
IS202200090801 URSC Power meter , Low power sensor and High power sensor 10-June-2024 09:30 10-June-2024 10:00
VS202300243001 VSSC Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Training of a Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) Machine 11-July-2024 14:00 11-July-2024 14:05
HQ202400002801 ISRO HQ Conduct of Computer Based Test 20-June-2024 11:00 20-June-2024 11:00
IP202400045701 IPRC Supply of Liquid Helium in 250L Dewar 20-June-2024 14:00 20-June-2024 14:10
IS202400041501 URSC INVAR-36 RAW MATERIAL 12-June-2024 09:30 12-June-2024 10:00
IS202400045601 URSC Stainless Steel Tank, Heater and Temperature Control Units 12-June-2024 14:30 12-June-2024 15:00
IS202400050701 URSC Clean room Polyester Lint Free Cloth Wipes of size 12 Inch x 12 Inch 12-June-2024 14:30 12-June-2024 15:00
IS202300024801 URSC Workstation monitoring system for ESD Protection 12-June-2024 14:30 12-June-2024 15:00
SA202400047901 SAC NEED BASED AMC FOR HAAS MAKE CNC MACHINES 24-June-2024 14:00 24-June-2024 14:30
LP202300094901 LPSC Supply of Universal Testing Machine 24-June-2024 14:30 24-June-2024 14:35
SH202400012701 SDSC SHA Under Ground Diesel storage tanks for SVAB substation 10-June-2024 11:31 10-June-2024 13:31
IS202400006201 URSC Radiated Immunity test system as per MIL-STD 461G 20-June-2024 14:30 20-June-2024 15:00
LP202400025901 LPSC Supply of Lab Test Furnitures 18-June-2024 12:00 18-June-2024 12:05
IS202400049101 URSC Thermal spray ceramic powders for plasma spraying 10-June-2024 14:30 10-June-2024 15:00
LP202300084201 LPSC Establishment of liquid propellant neutralization facility 18-June-2024 14:00 18-June-2024 14:30
LP202400034601 LPSC supply of remote optical sped sensor and panel tachometer 14-June-2024 10:41 14-June-2024 10:41
VS202400269801 VSSC DATA CONVERTER DEVICES 20-June-2024 14:00 20-June-2024 15:00
SH202400028701 SDSC SHA Supply of APFC relay controller, Temperature scanner, Digital time switch 10-June-2024 14:02 10-June-2024 14:30
VS202400180101 VSSC CONNECTORS 19-June-2024 10:30 19-June-2024 11:00
VS202400089701 VSSC Seamless Gas cylinders for Nitrogen as per attached specifications 07-June-2024 10:30 07-June-2024 11:00
VS202300675501 VSSC FURNITURE 18-June-2024 10:44 18-June-2024 10:47
IS202400022801 URSC Rule-18 tests for LN2 storage Tanks safety valves and Rule-19 tests for LN2 storage Tanks under SMPV(U) Rules 10-June-2024 09:30 10-June-2024 10:00
IS202300148601 URSC Fabrication, Testing & Installation of Checkout Harness System 10-June-2024 14:30 10-June-2024 15:00
IU202400043801 IISU Workstation for electromechanical design and analysis of spacecraft actuators 14-June-2024 14:17 14-June-2024 15:17
LP202400013401 LPSC Humidity controlled dry storage cabinet with data logger 17-June-2024 12:00 17-June-2024 12:05
VS202400262501 VSSC Fabrication and installation of VLF Antennas 13-June-2024 14:00 13-June-2024 15:00
IP202400038701 IPRC Turbine Flow Meters 26-June-2024 14:00 26-June-2024 14:01
TR202400010101 ISTRAC AMC for HPE Switches 14-June-2024 14:00 14-June-2024 14:30
LP202400033501 LPSC SUPPLY, INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING OF GAS CIRCUIT 14-June-2024 12:00 14-June-2024 12:05
VS202300625201 VSSC Flat panel detector for 450kV Digital radiography with accessories 27-June-2024 14:00 27-June-2024 14:01
SA202200161101 SAC Wideband RF Transformer 14-June-2024 14:00 14-June-2024 14:30
IP202400055001 IPRC Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Demonstration of high definition 3D Inspection Microscope 18-June-2024 14:00 18-June-2024 14:10
IP202400051801 IPRC Outsourcing work contract for SRMG/SRE 25-June-2024 14:00 25-June-2024 14:10
VS202400189901 VSSC Manufacture and supply of AA2219 O Sheets 27-June-2024 14:00 27-June-2024 14:05
SA202400069901 SAC Re-Lapping of Ultra Precision Diamond tools 07-June-2024 14:00 07-June-2024 14:30
SA202300063901 SAC Pulsed Vector Network Analyzer 17-June-2024 14:00 17-June-2024 14:30
IS202400049701 URSC FE Analysis of a Deployable antenna 05-June-2024 14:30 05-June-2024 15:00
VS202400248801 VSSC Supply of Hall flow meter ( with funnel orifice of 2.5 mm & 5.0 mm 11-June-2024 14:00 11-June-2024 14:05
IS202400049301 URSC Polymer Heating Element 06-June-2024 09:30 06-June-2024 10:00
IS202300024701 URSC Wrist Straps 06-June-2024 14:30 06-June-2024 15:00
SH202400026001 SDSC SHA CAMC for Consul Make UPS units 10-June-2024 16:00 11-June-2024 14:30
SA202400028601 SAC Computer RAM 13-June-2024 14:30 13-June-2024 15:30
SA202400066601 SAC Fiber alignment stage 13-June-2024 14:21 13-June-2024 15:21
IP202300155501 IPRC Solenoid Valves 18-June-2024 14:00 18-June-2024 14:01
IS202400023201 URSC RF Coaxial Switches DC-40 GHz 05-June-2024 09:30 05-June-2024 10:00
IP202400048001 IPRC Supply of Liquid Methane road tankers 12-June-2024 11:30 18-June-2024 14:00
IS202300124101 URSC Monogram Marking Equipment Along with Traverse Mechanism 05-June-2024 14:30 05-June-2024 15:00
IS202400040901 URSC Polyurethane Conformal Coating Material 05-June-2024 14:30 05-June-2024 15:00
IS202400030601 URSC 3D Optical Stereo Microscope with Software 04-June-2024 14:30 04-June-2024 15:00
IS202400044201 URSC Refrigeration compressors for climatic test chambers 03-June-2024 09:30 03-June-2024 10:00
SA202400041601 SAC Sensor Control & Processing Hardware, Firmware and Post Processing requirement for 9K Time Delayed Integration (TDI) Sensor 11-June-2024 12:00 11-June-2024 12:30
IS202400039201 URSC SITC of Radio Remote System for EOT Crane 03-June-2024 09:55 03-June-2024 10:00
IS202300173701 URSC STAINLESS STEEL A2-70 (SS-304) GRADE FASTENERS 03-June-2024 14:30 03-June-2024 15:00
IS202400011501 URSC Testing of Space Grade Passive Components 03-June-2024 14:30 03-June-2024 15:00
SA202300243701 SAC Space Qualified Clock Synchronizer Device 12-June-2024 14:00 12-June-2024 14:30
VS202300697801 VSSC Rotational viscometer / rheometer with accessories 25-June-2024 14:00 25-June-2024 14:01
LP202400025201 LPSC ENTERPRISE ACCESS CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR LPSC 08-July-2024 14:30 08-July-2024 14:35
VS202300614401 VSSC MULTI FREQUENCY MULTI CONSTELLATION GNSS RECEIVER 10-June-2024 14:00 10-June-2024 15:00
SH202400057001 SDSC SHA Expression of Interest ( EOI) for Procurement of Liquid Anhydrous Ammonia with purity 99.5 % Minimum by mass 01-June-2024 14:00 01-June-2024 14:30
IS202400027401 URSC High voltage ,Common mode Op-amp 07-June-2024 09:30 07-June-2024 10:00
IS202300141101 URSC Spectral Response (SR)/External Quantum Efficiency (EQE) and Internal Quamtum Efficiency (IQE) Measurement System 25-June-2024 14:30 25-June-2024 15:00
IS202400047501 URSC AEROSOL FREEZE SPRAY (INERT DRY COOLANT SPRAY), MINUS 45 DEG. CENTIGRADE 31-May-2024 14:30 31-May-2024 15:00
LE202400004801 LEOS Raman Filters and Mirrors 10-June-2024 17:00 11-June-2024 10:30
LE202400013701 LEOS Fiber Collimator Mini AVIM Connection Type 10-June-2024 17:00 11-June-2024 10:30
LE202400013001 LEOS Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 3.0 TR (9000Kcal/Hr), BEE - 5 Star rated Ductable Air Conditioners. 10-June-2024 17:00 11-June-2024 10:30
LE202400000501 LEOS Rubidium based Atomic Magnetometer 10-June-2024 17:00 11-June-2024 10:30
LE202300031101 LEOS High Resolution Camera 10-June-2024 17:00 11-June-2024 10:30
LE202400013901 LEOS MIni AVIM PM Connector with PM 1550 fiber -Space Grade 10-June-2024 17:00 11-June-2024 10:30
VS202400028801 VSSC GI SQUARE HOLLOW SECTION 06-June-2024 14:00 06-June-2024 14:15
LP202300063201 LPSC Supply of Tantalum Rods, Wire, Foil and Tubes 06-June-2024 12:00 06-June-2024 12:05
SH202400021501 SDSC SHA DG sets Stack Emission monitoring and Ambient Air Quality Monitoring at SDSC SHAR 31-May-2024 14:00 31-May-2024 14:01
VS202300639101 VSSC Size segregated aerosol sampler 10-June-2024 14:00 10-June-2024 15:00
HQ202400003201 ISRO HQ Enterprise Class Premium Secure CDN Service for ISRO/DOS for Three Years 07-June-2024 14:00 07-June-2024 14:01
VS202400006801 VSSC Supply, erect, commission and training of COBOT welding system with tilt and rotatable positioner 17-June-2024 14:00 17-June-2024 14:05
SH202400045501 SDSC SHA Supply of High Voltage (HV) Test Kit 30-May-2024 14:00 30-May-2024 14:01
SH202400040001 SDSC SHA Refurbishment of lighting and power distribution system in SSPF, N2O4 storage &Fire pump room at FLP 30-May-2024 16:00 31-May-2024 14:30
SH202400036201 SDSC SHA Supply, Fabrication, Erection, Commissioning of fire hydrant system for UBR Test facility 30-May-2024 16:00 31-May-2024 14:30
IS202400008801 URSC Latching type Electro Mechanical Relays 03-June-2024 10:00 03-June-2024 10:30
IS202400020401 URSC Hot Ion Ultra High Vacuum Guage (stabil Ion Guage) 29-May-2024 14:30 29-May-2024 15:00
IS202400039301 URSC Fusistor 30-May-2024 14:30 30-May-2024 15:00
SH202400023201 SDSC SHA Supply of Actuators for Electro Pneumatic ball valves 06-June-2024 16:00 07-June-2024 14:30
VS202400156801 VSSC Thermal chamber (1200 Litre test space) 13-June-2024 14:00 13-June-2024 15:00
VS202400207301 VSSC Data Recorder 06-June-2024 14:00 06-June-2024 15:00
SA202400032901 SAC Helium gas with cylinder 05-June-2024 09:43 05-June-2024 10:43
SH202400006801 SDSC SHA Design, Fabrication and Supply of 60 inch Vibroscreens for New AP Sieveing and Weighing Facilities 28-May-2024 14:00 28-May-2024 14:05
SH202400048901 SDSC SHA SUPPLY OF HIGH SPEED DIESEL (HSD) & MOTOR SPIRIT (MS) OF BS VI 05-June-2024 12:00 05-June-2024 12:01
IS202300145301 URSC Engineering Model Of Space Grade SATA SSD 04-June-2024 14:30 04-June-2024 15:00
IU202400036201 IISU Mil qualified crystal oscillators(SMD) 05-June-2024 14:25 05-June-2024 15:00
IN202400027401 IIST Pool table 28-May-2024 14:00 28-May-2024 14:15
VS202300235101 VSSC Deep groove ball bearing for electro-mechanical actuators 03-June-2024 10:30 03-June-2024 11:00
SH202400041901 SDSC SHA Supply of Mobile Phone Storage Lockers 28-May-2024 14:00 28-May-2024 14:30
SH202400030801 SDSC SHA PNEUMATIC SYSTEM OF UBR TEST FACILITY 30-May-2024 16:00 31-May-2024 14:30
SA202400063601 SAC HELICOIL TANG BREAK-OFF AND REMOVAL TOOLS 04-June-2024 11:00 04-June-2024 11:05
SA202400004401 SAC Space Grade Power Devices 03-June-2024 14:00 03-June-2024 14:30
SA202300235001 SAC SPACE GRADE 16-BIT TRANSCEIVER (BIDIRECTIONAL LEVEL SHIFTER) 04-June-2024 14:00 04-June-2024 14:30
SA202300235101 SAC Space Grade 16 Mb MRAM Devices 04-June-2024 14:00 04-June-2024 14:30
IN202400027501 IIST Snooker table 28-May-2024 14:00 28-May-2024 14:15
VS202300581101 VSSC Supply of Cold Spray Coating Equipment 06-June-2024 14:00 06-June-2024 14:05
TR202400001901 ISTRAC AMC for Fujitsu Servers 31-May-2024 14:00 31-May-2024 14:30
IU202400189701 IISU Mil Qualified Connectors (indigenous make) 27-May-2024 14:00 27-May-2024 14:15
SA202400046701 SAC HELICOIL INSTALLATION TOOLS 03-June-2024 14:00 03-June-2024 14:30
SA202300247201 SAC Space Qualified Digital to Analog Converters 31-May-2024 14:00 31-May-2024 14:30
IS202300157901 URSC Fabrication, Certification and Supply of Standard Calibration Masses 27-May-2024 14:30 27-May-2024 15:00
LB202400002201 LPSC Supply of Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector 18-June-2024 14:00 18-June-2024 14:30
SA202300218401 SAC space grade Low ESR Tantalum Chip Capacitor 31-May-2024 12:09 31-May-2024 13:09
SA202300222801 SAC SPACE QUALIFIED D SUB CONNECTORS 31-May-2024 11:49 31-May-2024 12:50
SA202200145601 SAC Spin Coater System 31-May-2024 11:25 31-May-2024 12:25
SA202300200701 SAC Space Grade SMD 0.5 Power Schottky Rectifier 31-May-2024 11:06 31-May-2024 12:06
SA202400069501 SAC Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder and Portable Hand-held Pneumatic Chamfering Tool 03-June-2024 14:00 03-June-2024 14:30
IS202300105901 URSC MOSFET Bare Dice 30-May-2024 14:30 30-May-2024 15:00
IU202300347601 IISU GNSS Record and Playback System 30-May-2024 14:00 30-May-2024 15:00
IU202400072401 IISU Single Axis Rate Table with Thermal Chamber 30-May-2024 14:00 30-May-2024 15:00
IU202400206201 IISU Supply of Polyether Ether Ketone Polymer with 30% glass fibre (PEEK with 30% glass fibre) 31-May-2024 14:55 31-May-2024 15:00
TR202300015401 ISTRAC GNSS/NavIC record and playback system 07-June-2024 14:00 07-June-2024 14:30
SH202300184501 SDSC SHA Supply of MRS85/ CR171 Rails 28-May-2024 16:30 29-May-2024 14:30
IS202300128201 URSC Engineering grade Microcontroller IC 30-May-2024 14:30 30-May-2024 15:00
SA202300182101 SAC TVAC Compatible HIGH POWER TNC-F 4 HOLE FLANGE MOUNT CONNECTORS 30-May-2024 14:29 30-May-2024 15:29
LP202300036801 LPSC Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine 30-May-2024 14:25 30-May-2024 14:30
VS202400182501 VSSC 10 kN Universal Testing Machine 17-June-2024 14:00 17-June-2024 14:01
VS202400027701 VSSC Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) Removal System 18-June-2024 14:00 18-June-2024 14:01
VS202300459401 VSSC Power Tetrode Tubes 04-June-2024 14:00 04-June-2024 15:00
SH202300182101 SDSC SHA Supply, installation, Testing and Commissioning of 11 kV HT VCB Panels at Zero Point substation, SDSC-SHAR 05-June-2024 12:00 05-June-2024 12:01
VS202400092101 VSSC Design ,supply, installation & commissioning of Helium Recovery and Purification Unit at VSSC 06-June-2024 14:00 06-June-2024 14:01
SA202400030001 SAC Need based Maintenance Contract for H2 Generator System and utilities 29-May-2024 15:35 29-May-2024 16:35
SA202300070001 SAC Calibrated Temperature Sensor for Cryo temperature 04-June-2024 12:00 04-June-2024 12:30
IP202300161101 IPRC Supply, installation, commissioning and system prove out of an atmospheric plasma coating system 10-June-2024 14:00 10-June-2024 14:30
TR202300004801 ISTRAC Single channel C band Upconverters and Downconverters 04-June-2024 14:00 04-June-2024 14:30
TR202400000601 ISTRAC CAMC for Core Switches 31-May-2024 14:00 31-May-2024 14:30
TR202400010401 ISTRAC Console for Gaganyaan Lab at SSACC 03-June-2024 14:00 03-June-2024 14:30
TR202400004301 ISTRAC SMPS with plug-in modules ? 2 independent channels (modules) in one chassis. 31-May-2024 14:00 31-May-2024 14:30
IU202300653001 IISU Supply, installation and commissioning of Vacuum Spiral Orbit Tribometer 27-May-2024 14:00 27-May-2024 16:00
IU202400063501 IISU Single-Axis Position and Rate Table 28-May-2024 14:00 28-May-2024 15:00
NR202400006201 NRSC AMC and CAMO services of aircraft 29-May-2024 14:00 29-May-2024 14:10
LP202300025701 LPSC Procurement of C-103 Sheets 30-May-2024 14:30 30-May-2024 14:35
VS202300528901 VSSC COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINE 30-May-2024 14:00 30-May-2024 14:05
LP202400032001 LPSC Augmentation of Video conferencing facility in Director's conference hall 30-May-2024 14:00 30-May-2024 14:00
SA202300116701 SAC Single layer chip Capacitors 29-May-2024 14:00 29-May-2024 14:30
TR202400004601 ISTRAC POWER SUPPLY: LINEAR - 24 volts DC 2 Amps 29-May-2024 15:00 29-May-2024 15:30
VS202400172501 VSSC Infrared Lamp 29-May-2024 14:00 29-May-2024 14:30
SA202300234401 SAC High Speed SERDES devices (Space Grade) 28-May-2024 14:00 28-May-2024 14:30
SA202300234201 SAC 64 Mbit Space Grade MRAM Devices 28-May-2024 14:00 28-May-2024 14:30
SA202300092901 SAC FM Grade EMI Line Filter 27-May-2024 14:00 27-May-2024 14:30
SA202300233401 SAC Power Splitter/Combiner MMICs 27-May-2024 14:00 27-May-2024 14:30
SA202300083301 SAC TNC-F Connector 27-May-2024 14:18 27-May-2024 15:18
SA202400032301 SAC Private Server Cloud of SAC with Rate Contract 31-May-2024 14:00 31-May-2024 14:14
LE202300039301 LEOS RFP FOR 3D LIDAR 14-June-2024 17:00 17-June-2024 10:30
IP202400014901 IPRC Supply, Installation and commissioning of TCT control systems 11-June-2024 14:00 11-June-2024 14:01
IP202400018601 IPRC Pressure Transmitter 29-May-2024 14:00 29-May-2024 14:01
VS202400072601 VSSC WAVEGUIDE 31-May-2024 12:24 31-May-2024 16:25
PR202400003701 PRL Accessories: Vacuum compatible Nanopositioning stages, cables, feedthrough 12-June-2024 15:34 12-June-2024 15:34
SA202300214801 SAC PCB wiring, Assembly and Testing of QM / FM Payload Electronics Cards and Packages 27-May-2024 12:00 27-May-2024 12:30
MC202300016501 MCF SITC of two numbers of 7.2m C-Band Full Coverage Antenna Terminal & RF System at MCF Bhopal 01-August-2024 16:30 02-August-2024 10:00