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This e-Procurement System facilitates vendors to view tenders released from all ISRO centres and then submit the bids online through this portal.

Important Information

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Public Tenders

Tender No Center Name Tender Description Bid Closing Date (IST) Bid Opening Date (IST) Actions
VS202100328901 VSSC 1.5-V to 7-V Input, 3-A, Radiation-Hardened Ultra-Low Dropout (LDO) Regulator 10-February-2022 11:00 14-February-2022 11:00
SH202100134101 SDSC SHA Work package for cooking, service & Cleaning Services at SDSC SHAR 10-February-2022 14:00 10-February-2022 14:30
IS202100050101 URSC Dsub High density Crimpable and Combo Crimpable connector 09-February-2022 09:30 09-February-2022 10:00
IS202100055101 URSC Autoclave Curing Accessories 24-January-2022 09:30 24-January-2022 09:30
SA202100178501 SAC Chip Attenuators 04-February-2022 14:00 04-February-2022 14:30
IP202100057301 IPRC Transformer Isolator Barriers & its accessories 15-February-2022 14:00 15-February-2022 14:00
VS202100335201 VSSC LINEAR ICS 01-February-2022 11:00 03-February-2022 11:00
IS202100008801 URSC WET BELT GRINDER 09-February-2022 09:30 09-February-2022 10:00
VS202100563701 VSSC Laser Precipitation Monitor 08-February-2022 11:00 08-February-2022 14:00
LP202100071701 LPSC Vibration Shaker 24-February-2022 14:00 24-February-2022 14:30
LP202100079601 LPSC Supply of Transit Cases for Umbilical Systems 24-February-2022 14:00 24-February-2022 14:30
LE202100011201 LEOS Visible Laser Source 17-February-2022 17:00 18-February-2022 10:30
VS202100502101 VSSC CCOC Components Part-2 11-February-2022 11:00 14-February-2022 11:00
IS202100048101 URSC Optical Stereo Microscope, Spares and accessories 11-February-2022 09:30 11-February-2022 10:00
VS202100362901 VSSC 4PDT Latching Relays for Checkout System 07-February-2022 13:05 08-February-2022 13:06
VS202100547401 VSSC Particle crusher with weighing capability for powdering filler materials 22-February-2022 14:00 22-February-2022 14:01
SA202200009201 SAC Hi Rel Chip Attenuator 24-February-2022 14:00 24-February-2022 14:30
VS202100328701 VSSC 5V output, Space qualified, Precision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference 10-February-2022 11:00 14-February-2022 11:00
SA202100124401 SAC Integrated Solution for Rack Mount Server, Storage System, Network Switches with Rack and KVM 01-February-2022 17:00 02-February-2022 14:00
VS202100584101 VSSC Electrical contact for slip rings 31-January-2022 17:00 01-February-2022 10:00
SA202100126201 SAC Integrated Server Solution for Ground Network 31-January-2022 15:07 01-February-2022 12:08
LP202100054501 LPSC Coil Winding Machine 14-February-2022 14:00 14-February-2022 14:30
VS202100533601 VSSC DC power supply unit 31-January-2022 16:15 01-February-2022 16:15
VS202100424001 VSSC vacuum furnace 25-January-2022 14:00 25-January-2022 14:01
SA202100233001 SAC Very High Power Coaxial Cables 15-February-2022 09:12 15-February-2022 09:12
IS202200001901 URSC CDR capacitors 09-February-2022 09:30 09-February-2022 10:00
SH202100087801 SDSC SHA Self Propelled Unit, Capacity: 250T 27-January-2022 14:00 27-January-2022 14:00
SH202100181701 SDSC SHA Work contract for Cryo systems 27-January-2022 16:00 28-January-2022 14:30
IP202100036301 IPRC EXISTENT GUM BATH WITH AIR GENERATOR AND STEAM GENERATOR 31-January-2022 14:08 31-January-2022 14:08
VS202100439301 VSSC Installation and Commissioning of Gas cylinder Manifold system and Gas and chiller water distribution System 31-January-2022 14:00 31-January-2022 14:01
TR202100034101 ISTRAC All in one PC (Windows) 10-February-2022 17:00 11-February-2022 15:00
TR202100026601 ISTRAC Storage Solution for GMCC and GMF 31-January-2022 17:00 02-February-2022 10:00
VS202100560301 VSSC Interference Filters of Different Wavelengths 27-January-2022 11:00 27-January-2022 14:00
VS202100595301 VSSC Electronics components 01-February-2022 11:00 01-February-2022 11:30
VS202100014901 VSSC Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 26-January-2022 11:00 27-January-2022 11:00
VS202100564701 VSSC Supply and Installation of Thermal Shroud for 1-m class vacuum chamber 26-January-2022 11:00 27-January-2022 11:00
VS202100535601 VSSC Supply and Installation of set of Trace Gas Analyzers(O3, NOx and CO) with calibrator 25-January-2022 11:00 25-January-2022 14:00
LE202100019501 LEOS Motorized Translators and Goniometer 01-February-2022 17:00 02-February-2022 10:30
VS202100578601 VSSC FPGA Development Kits 27-January-2022 11:00 27-January-2022 14:00
VS202100507801 VSSC Electronics components 27-January-2022 11:00 27-January-2022 14:00
LE202100020701 LEOS Cryo Cold Head and Compressor 01-February-2022 17:00 02-February-2022 10:30
VS202100561901 VSSC Optical Particle Counter for high altitude balloon measurements 24-January-2022 15:30 25-January-2022 15:30
VS202100582601 VSSC Micro-pulse energy Diode-Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Laser system 27-January-2022 11:00 27-January-2022 14:00
VS202100580801 VSSC Microscope 24-January-2022 11:00 24-January-2022 14:00
VS202100524901 VSSC Sun-sensor 28-January-2022 11:00 28-January-2022 14:00
VS202100588701 VSSC Micro Rain Radar (MRR) 27-January-2022 11:00 27-January-2022 14:00
SH202100182501 SDSC SHA Supply of Furnace Oil 07-February-2022 14:00 08-February-2022 14:30
SH202100125101 SDSC SHA AMC of Fire protection systems 27-January-2022 16:00 28-January-2022 14:30
SA202100216101 SAC NDIR based Carbon Dioxide and Methane Sensors 24-January-2022 14:00 24-January-2022 14:30
VS202100197201 VSSC Torquing tools and accessories 04-February-2022 11:00 04-February-2022 14:00
VS202100615801 VSSC Supply, Installation & Training of Optical Blue LED Light based 3D Scanner for CMSE & MME 01-February-2022 14:00 01-February-2022 14:30
VS202100456701 VSSC Resistors meeting MIL specifications 04-February-2022 10:52 04-February-2022 11:52
VS202100536201 VSSC Toughened Epoxy film adhesive (FM-73M) (Or) Equivalent 01-February-2022 14:00 01-February-2022 14:30
VS202100569601 VSSC Process Consumables 01-February-2022 14:00 01-February-2022 14:30
VS202100576101 VSSC Supply of 4D Carbon fibre Preforms 01-February-2022 14:00 01-February-2022 14:30
VS202100577101 VSSC Supply of Graphite Block 01-February-2022 14:00 01-February-2022 14:30
VS202100580301 VSSC MAF & MBF Composi-lok Fasteners or Equivalent fasteners 01-February-2022 14:00 01-February-2022 14:30
TR202100014601 ISTRAC SERVERS for GMCC and GMF 07-February-2022 17:00 09-February-2022 10:00
SA202100223201 SAC SPACE QUALIFIED RF TRANSFORMERS 24-January-2022 14:42 24-January-2022 17:42
VS202100439001 VSSC Design, manufacture, supply, erection and commissioning of Vertical Storage and Retrieval System (VSRS) 27-January-2022 14:00 27-January-2022 14:01
IS202100127901 URSC Two Part Potting Compound for Satellite (Space) Structural Application 28-January-2022 09:30 28-January-2022 10:00
SH202100051801 SDSC SHA Safety Relief Valves 27-January-2022 16:00 28-January-2022 14:30
VS202100557301 VSSC Phased Array Doppler sodar 28-January-2022 13:30 28-January-2022 15:30
SA202100138401 SAC Optical Rails 31-January-2022 09:01 31-January-2022 09:01
SH202100177001 SDSC SHA Fire Tender and Crew Contract for PCR 03-February-2022 14:00 04-February-2022 14:30
IP202100087801 IPRC Supply of Liquid Helium 25-January-2022 14:00 25-January-2022 15:00
IP202100089401 IPRC Programmable DC Voltage and Current Source 01-February-2022 14:00 01-February-2022 14:00
MC202100024501 MCF Fabrication and supply of 19-Inch Rack Mountable Enclosure 25-January-2022 16:00 26-January-2022 10:00
IP202100085701 IPRC Spring Energized seals 03-February-2022 10:00 03-February-2022 10:01
VS202100568901 VSSC Die Roller Extruder cum Shperoniser Bench Top Catalyst Processor with accessories 31-January-2022 14:00 31-January-2022 14:01
SH202100162801 SDSC SHA Phenolic Foam Thermal Insulation 24-January-2022 16:00 25-January-2022 14:30
LE202100019401 LEOS Manual Translators and Goniometer 02-February-2022 17:00 03-February-2022 10:30
SA202100232001 SAC Waveguide Calibration Kit WR15 15-February-2022 14:00 15-February-2022 14:30
SA202100126501 SAC Integrated Data Center Solution with 3 Years Rate Contract 31-January-2022 14:00 31-January-2022 14:30
MC202100020601 MCF Satellite Interference Geolocation System 25-January-2022 16:00 26-January-2022 10:00
VS202100354701 VSSC piezoelectric charge and ICP type signal conditioner 23-February-2022 10:50 24-February-2022 10:50
IS202100135901 URSC RF SPDT SWITCH 28-January-2022 09:30 28-January-2022 10:00
TR202100023601 ISTRAC X-Band Down Converter 21-February-2022 17:00 23-February-2022 10:00
SC202100017401 SCL Design, Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of Air Washer system, Capacity - 50000 CFM 08-February-2022 15:00 09-February-2022 15:30
VS202100329301 VSSC 2.5V output, Space qualified, Precision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference 10-February-2022 11:00 14-February-2022 11:00
SH202100122901 SDSC SHA WORK PACKAGE FOR MAINTENANCE (WPM) OPERATIONS OF SMP&ETF, SDSC SHAR 27-January-2022 16:00 28-January-2022 14:30
SA202100216301 SAC Optical Oxygen Sensors 0-100% Range 24-January-2022 14:00 24-January-2022 14:30
SA202100131701 SAC Multi-GNSS RF Record and Playback Instrument 08-February-2022 14:00 08-February-2022 14:30
VS202100585301 VSSC Supply & installation of Bio-Gas plant at ISRO Housing Colony, APEP and CISF Housing Colony at Aluva 31-January-2022 14:00 31-January-2022 14:02
VS202100562701 VSSC High temperature unsteady pressure sensors 03-February-2022 14:00 03-February-2022 15:00
SH202100194401 SDSC SHA COTTON CLOTH COVERS FOR P&IM UNIT-2,SMPC 31-January-2022 12:00 31-January-2022 12:00
VS202100222801 VSSC Development and supply of Monel 400 tubes 17-February-2022 14:00 17-February-2022 14:01
VS202100224501 VSSC High Temperature Furnace 17-February-2022 14:00 17-February-2022 14:01
VS202100191001 VSSC UHV COMPONENTS 31-January-2022 14:00 31-January-2022 16:30
VS202100532801 VSSC Thermal wire stripper 03-February-2022 12:00 03-February-2022 14:00
SA202100105201 SAC Single photon detector module 28-January-2022 09:01 28-January-2022 09:02
SC202100014501 SCL 2 Types of 6inch SOI Wafers & N Type DSP Prime Wafer 28-January-2022 14:30 28-January-2022 15:00
SH202100190901 SDSC SHA Operation and Maintenance Support for the works in MOTR 14-February-2022 16:00 15-February-2022 14:30
SH202100151701 SDSC SHA Design and Fabrication of New Multi-Purpose Fire Tender on Supplied Chassis by Dept., 24-January-2022 16:00 25-January-2022 14:30
TR202100034501 ISTRAC DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF NAVIC TRI-BAND REFERENCE RECEIVER 25-February-2022 17:00 28-February-2022 11:00
IS202100103301 URSC Micro-D 90 degree pcb plug connectors 02-February-2022 09:30 02-February-2022 10:00
IS202100109101 URSC Service Contract for the Deployment of Reprographic Assistants and Reprographic Supervisor 02-February-2022 09:30 02-February-2022 10:00
IS202100123301 URSC DC Power Supplies 28-January-2022 09:30 28-January-2022 10:00
SA202100116201 SAC TCAD 3D Process and device software simulation of RHBD and Physical Simulation of Semiconductor Radiation E?ects 10-February-2022 09:14 10-February-2022 09:14
SA202100232901 SAC Space Grade Inductor 10-February-2022 09:15 10-February-2022 09:15
LB202100017401 LPSC Supply and installation of precision electronic plat form balances 08-February-2022 14:00 08-February-2022 15:00
IS202100131901 URSC EM grade 40W DC DC converter 03-February-2022 09:30 03-February-2022 10:00
LP202100071501 LPSC Supply Installation and Commissioning of Flow and Pneumatic test facilities 21-February-2022 14:00 21-February-2022 14:30
VS202100526501 VSSC Compact RF generator 08-February-2022 15:00 09-February-2022 10:00
IS202100136501 URSC RF Connector 07-February-2022 09:30 07-February-2022 10:00
VS202100393001 VSSC HIGH CURRENT POWER SUPPLY 09-February-2022 11:00 10-February-2022 11:00
VS202100565001 VSSC Fixed Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Sensor 11-February-2022 10:00 11-February-2022 14:15
VS202100565901 VSSC Supply and installation of ESD safe de-humidifying Dry Cabinet 07-February-2022 11:00 07-February-2022 14:00
SH202100104201 SDSC SHA Work Packages for Solid Motor Production Activities at SMPC Unit1 07-February-2022 12:00 07-February-2022 14:30
SA202100231401 SAC Dual Non Inverting MOSFET Drivers 14-February-2022 09:33 14-February-2022 09:33
VS202100601201 VSSC Programmer/Debugger 09-February-2022 11:00 10-February-2022 11:00
SA202200000401 SAC Entangled Photon Generator 14-February-2022 09:01 14-February-2022 09:02
VS202100446801 VSSC High Current Power Supplies for Relays 09-February-2022 11:00 10-February-2022 11:00
VS202100496601 VSSC CCOC Components Part-1 15-February-2022 11:00 17-February-2022 11:00
VS202100502301 VSSC WirelessTDP Components Part-2 15-February-2022 11:00 17-February-2022 11:00
SA202100202701 SAC GNSS Receiver 15-February-2022 15:28 16-February-2022 15:29
SA202100213401 SAC Space Grade Power Sequencer IC 07-February-2022 15:17 08-February-2022 15:17
SA202200001401 SAC Xilinx XCVU440 FPGA Board 16-February-2022 15:42 16-February-2022 17:43
SA202100230801 SAC Distributed Network Resource and Support 17-February-2022 14:00 17-February-2022 14:30