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This e-Procurement System facilitates vendors to view tenders released from all ISRO centres and then submit the bids online through this portal.

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Public Tenders

Tender No Center Name Tender Description Bid Closing Date (IST) Bid Opening Date (IST) Actions
SA202100064501 SAC Space Grade EMI Gaskets 02-August-2021 00:00 03-August-2021 11:00
SA202100072901 SAC Vector Signal Analyzer 29-July-2021 11:59 30-July-2021 11:00
VS202100170301 VSSC Integrated 450 kV X-ray machine with Flat panel detector and manipulator 19-August-2021 11:00 19-August-2021 11:01
VS202100163001 VSSC Integarted X-Ray equipment with dual energy(3.5/6 MeV) LINAC and 450 kV X-ray machine, Flat Panel Detector and Manipulator 20-August-2021 14:00 20-August-2021 15:00
SA202100090801 SAC Dual-Wavelength optics 05-August-2021 10:55 05-August-2021 11:00
IS202100026801 URSC RF Cable and Connector 12-August-2021 09:50 12-August-2021 10:15
VS202100033301 VSSC Prototype Lot Wafer Fabrication of Relay Driver ASIC 23-August-2021 10:00 23-August-2021 10:00
SA202100067701 SAC High End Stereo Microscope with Image Acquisition 27-July-2021 11:44 28-July-2021 11:00
SC202100002301 SCL Supply, Installation, Commissioning of High Pressure Homogenizer, as per specifications - SCL CODE 210417790 18-August-2021 14:00 20-August-2021 16:00
SA202100046301 SAC Entangled Photon Generator 26-July-2021 09:29 26-July-2021 09:29
SA202100055801 SAC Rate contract for HI-REL PCB wiring for On board projects 25-July-2021 23:59 26-July-2021 11:00
LE202100004601 LEOS Door Frame Metal Detector 02-August-2021 17:00 03-August-2021 10:30
VS202100131201 VSSC Processing and supply of SSLV Core Thermal Boot & L40 Thermal Boot 02-August-2021 14:00 02-August-2021 15:00
SH202100029101 SDSC SHA Supply of Raw Acid Tank 29-July-2021 16:00 30-July-2021 14:30
IP202100024101 IPRC Supply of Carbon Steel Pipes 19-August-2021 14:00 19-August-2021 15:00
SH202100023601 SDSC SHA Fabrication & Supply of Acid Circulation Cooler 29-July-2021 16:00 30-July-2021 14:30
MC202100005301 MCF CAMC of Computer systems and printers at MCF Hassan and MCF Bhopal for a period of two years. 02-August-2021 16:30 03-August-2021 10:30
MC202100013501 MCF Data Entry Support at MCF, Hassan 12-August-2021 16:30 13-August-2021 10:00
SA202100092701 SAC Visible Polarization Analyzer 28-July-2021 11:00 28-July-2021 11:05
IP202100027101 IPRC TEFLON (PTFE) CABLES 17-August-2021 14:00 17-August-2021 14:00
IP202100028601 IPRC GAS CHROMATOGRAPH FOR SULPHUR ANALYSIS 16-August-2021 14:00 16-August-2021 15:00
IP202100030401 IPRC GAS CHROMATOGRAPH FOR HYDROCARBON ANALYSIS 16-August-2021 14:00 16-August-2021 15:00
IP202100020801 IPRC Retro reflectors of Photogrammetry system 12-August-2021 12:12 12-August-2021 12:12
MC202100012201 MCF Spares for existing Baseband System interface : BNC Connectors for RG-58 coaxial cable and BNC Adaptors 02-August-2021 16:30 03-August-2021 10:30
VS202100092601 VSSC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Dehumdifier facility 05-August-2021 14:00 05-August-2021 14:01
SA202100065701 SAC Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fibre Unidirectional Prepreg Materials 30-July-2021 14:00 30-July-2021 14:30
VS202100104501 VSSC Design, fabrication, supply, assembly and commissioning of Heavy duty storage racks in 4 buildings of ASOE stores 30-July-2021 10:00 30-July-2021 10:10
MC202100011501 MCF Spares for existing Baseband System interface : BNC Attenuators and Dividers 03-August-2021 17:00 04-August-2021 10:00
SA202100047001 SAC PM Fiber Fusion Splicer Machine 30-July-2021 09:00 30-July-2021 09:00
SH202100048001 SDSC SHA POWER CABLES 26-August-2021 16:00 27-August-2021 14:30
VS202100149601 VSSC Supply of Dry Film Stripping Machine 19-August-2021 11:00 30-August-2021 11:00
VS202100199201 VSSC Development of Titanium alloy forgings through press route 27-July-2021 14:00 27-July-2021 14:01
SH202100023401 SDSC SHA Transportation of N2O4, UH-25, MMH & MON3 Propellants 29-July-2021 16:00 30-July-2021 14:30
SH202100044101 SDSC SHA Supply of PTFE insulated cables for umbilical pigtails 26-August-2021 16:00 27-August-2021 14:30
IS202100042201 URSC REL make Eng Grade Relays 16-August-2021 09:30 16-August-2021 10:00
IS202100008601 URSC THERMAL CONTROL TAPE (SiO2 Coated Flexible OSR Tape ) 13-August-2021 09:30 13-August-2021 10:00
MC202100007701 MCF RFP for TTC Services-Providing TTC&R Transfer Orbit Support Services(TOSS) for ISRO's GSO spacecraft missions 04-August-2021 16:00 05-August-2021 10:00
VS202100079201 VSSC Single girder 2T underslung EOT flame proof crane 29-July-2021 14:01 29-July-2021 14:01
LE202100002901 LEOS High-Vacuum Process control unit for Ion Beam Milling System (IBMS) 28-July-2021 17:00 29-July-2021 10:30
IP202100020101 IPRC Explosion proof CCTV SYSTEM 03-August-2021 14:00 03-August-2021 14:01
IS202100029801 URSC CDR capacitors 17-August-2021 09:30 17-August-2021 10:00
SA202100044501 SAC Thermovac compatible S Band High Power TNC Load 30-July-2021 09:06 30-July-2021 09:15
VS202100089701 VSSC Stainless Steel Bain Marie Counter 28-July-2021 12:00 28-July-2021 14:30
VS202100148401 VSSC Transportation Container for Deployable reflectors for IDRSS 12-August-2021 14:00 12-August-2021 14:01
MC202100009201 MCF Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Testing of RF Systems for 7.2M Ku-Band Full Coverage Antenna at MCF-Hassan and MCF-Bhopal 06-August-2021 16:30 09-August-2021 10:00
VS202100078301 VSSC Photoplotting of PCB layouts 19-August-2021 14:00 19-August-2021 14:00
SA202100093201 SAC LOGIC GATES 26-July-2021 11:46 27-July-2021 11:00
MC202100012301 MCF RG-58 Coaxial cable 04-August-2021 16:00 05-August-2021 10:00
MC202100010901 MCF Supply of RFoF Unit 27-July-2021 16:00 28-July-2021 10:00
MC202100011301 MCF OUTDOOR AUTOMATIC AIR DEHYDRATOR 04-August-2021 16:00 05-August-2021 10:00
VS202100041701 VSSC Rate Contract for laying U/G Telephone cable of various types and OFC of different specifications in VSSC and telephone cable wiring in office building located in all are of VSSC. 05-August-2021 13:00 05-August-2021 14:00
VS202100109001 VSSC Electrochemical workstation with accessories 30-July-2021 14:00 30-July-2021 14:05
SA202100105901 SAC Fluoroloy H Material for High power subsytem 23-August-2021 09:00 23-August-2021 09:00
SA202100039301 SAC TVAC Compatible High Power RF Flexible cable assemblies 20-August-2021 09:01 20-August-2021 09:02
VS202100179601 VSSC Thermovacuum chamber 18-August-2021 14:00 18-August-2021 14:01
SA202100052201 SAC Ultra narrow line width laser 05-August-2021 09:22 05-August-2021 09:22
SA202100102901 SAC Fused Silica (Quartz) Cylinderical Rod 10-August-2021 09:17 10-August-2021 09:17
SA202100069001 SAC Integrated Microsectioining System for Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards 28-July-2021 23:59 29-July-2021 11:00
SH202100023701 SDSC SHA Supply of SS braided PTFE inner core convoluted hoses as per the enclosed specifications 05-August-2021 16:00 06-August-2021 14:30
SA202100103401 SAC 4-CHANNEL VHF/UHF HIGH POWER OMUX 16-August-2021 09:08 16-August-2021 09:08
VS202100023501 VSSC Automation of inventory in bonded stores using RFID technology (using RFID tags, handheld readers & associated IT hardware & software) 10-August-2021 11:00 12-August-2021 11:00
IP202100012001 IPRC Fabrication, supply and commissioning of Leak check unit as per Annexure-I, II & III 30-July-2021 10:00 30-July-2021 10:00
VS202100129201 VSSC Semi-automated closed loop weighing and batching solutions 17-August-2021 11:00 17-August-2021 11:00
IS202100027301 URSC RLR32 RESISTORS 09-August-2021 10:44 10-August-2021 10:00
IS202100013201 URSC SPACE GRADE TRANSISTOR JANS2N3700UB 04-August-2021 09:30 04-August-2021 10:00
IS202100017601 URSC FILTERS(7 TYPES) 28-July-2021 23:00 03-August-2021 10:00
SH202100044201 SDSC SHA Supply of Bellow Sealed Safety/Thermal Relief valves 05-August-2021 16:00 06-August-2021 14:30
VS202100260601 VSSC High power programmable 3 phase AC power source with PFC 13-August-2021 14:00 13-August-2021 14:05
MC202100010801 MCF Supply of IF switch Matrix 05-August-2021 16:00 06-August-2021 10:00
IP202100016101 IPRC Muffle furnace 19-August-2021 14:00 19-August-2021 15:00
SA202100017901 SAC Photodiode with TIA and Optical BPF Filter 05-August-2021 10:00 05-August-2021 12:00
IS202100015701 URSC Replacement of Instrument transformers at 66 kV Yard, main Campus, URSC, Bengaluru-560017 26-July-2021 23:30 30-July-2021 10:00
VS202100254001 VSSC Non Comprehensive AMC for the Maintenance and Testing of Pressure Vessels and its Associated systems 17-August-2021 14:00 17-August-2021 14:05
LB202100001901 LPSC Ultra High Pure Xenon Gas 09-August-2021 14:00 09-August-2021 14:15
IP202100019301 IPRC High Pressure solenoids with dual coil 05-August-2021 14:00 05-August-2021 14:00
VS202100224901 VSSC Manufacturing, testing and supply of Mach 5 Nozzle 20-August-2021 12:00 23-August-2021 10:30
SA202100043101 SAC Space qualified Crystal Band Pass Filter as per the RFP attached. 16-August-2021 09:12 16-August-2021 09:13
SA202100095001 SAC WAN AGGREGATION SERVICE ROUTER 03-August-2021 23:59 04-August-2021 11:00
SA202100021901 SAC Two port handheld Battery operated Vector Network Analyzer 40 GHz 12-August-2021 00:43 13-August-2021 11:00
TR202100002601 ISTRAC NAS storage system 31-August-2021 17:00 01-September-2021 09:00
SA202100002801 SAC Infrared Imaging Lens Assembly 26-July-2021 09:29 26-July-2021 09:29
IP202100022401 IPRC C32 fixtures 30-July-2021 10:00 30-July-2021 10:00
IP202100001901 IPRC Sporadic outsourcing work contract for CNMC&IES,CIHSD, CTPTI, Telephone systems and DEOs 27-July-2021 14:00 27-July-2021 14:00
VS202100048901 VSSC Multipurpose fire tender 30-August-2021 14:00 31-August-2021 14:00
SH202100039501 SDSC SHA Fabrication Contract for Piping & Structures 12-August-2021 16:00 13-August-2021 14:30
IP202100023501 IPRC Operation and Maintenance of Advanced First Aid Centre 27-July-2021 15:09 27-July-2021 15:10
VS202000091901 VSSC 3axis CNC Vertical Machining Centre 06-September-2021 14:15 07-September-2021 14:15