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This e-Procurement System facilitates vendors to view tenders released from all ISRO centres and then submit the bids online through this portal.

Important Information

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Public Tenders

Tender No Center Name Tender Description Bid Closing Date (IST) Bid Opening Date (IST) Actions
SH202200040601 SDSC SHA Transportation of UDMH from St.Petersberg, Russia to SDSC SHAR 14-June-2022 16:00 15-June-2022 14:30
SH202200064101 SDSC SHA Supply of Process equipment & cryogenic vessels 14-June-2022 16:00 15-June-2022 14:30
SH202200064001 SDSC SHA Supply of Super Insulated Pipe Spools 14-June-2022 16:00 15-June-2022 14:30
SH202200063901 SDSC SHA Supply of Flow Control Valve Units 14-June-2022 16:00 15-June-2022 14:30
VS202200208001 VSSC WAN Edge Routers with High Availability Support 10-June-2022 14:00 10-June-2022 14:05
SA202200090601 SAC High Power Adapter 20-June-2022 09:12 20-June-2022 09:12
SA202200044901 SAC UV LED systems and accessories 09-June-2022 09:47 09-June-2022 09:47
MC202200005401 MCF Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Plante type, UPS Battery banks at MCF Bhopal 06-June-2022 16:00 07-June-2022 10:30
IU202200126601 IISU Supply & Installation of PC Add on Frequency Response Analyzer Card (FRA) and supporting compatible FRA software 31-May-2022 17:30 01-June-2022 11:00
VS202200207901 VSSC Enterprise class Network Core Switches with High Availability solution 09-June-2022 14:00 09-June-2022 14:30
SH202200062001 SDSC SHA Teaching services 13-June-2022 12:00 13-June-2022 14:00
IS202200050201 URSC Vibration Measurement Systems - DYNAMIC FORCE SENSOR LINK 13-June-2022 09:30 13-June-2022 10:00
VS202100556501 VSSC Supply, Commissioning, Installation and Training of CNC Conical Rolling Machine 26-May-2022 14:00 26-May-2022 14:05
IS202200020801 URSC LOW RANGE DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE SENSOR 02-June-2022 09:30 02-June-2022 10:00
VS202200197701 VSSC Supply of 4D Carbon fibre Preforms 07-June-2022 14:00 07-June-2022 14:30
IU202200184301 IISU Etching Station for Chemical Machining of Fused Silica Blanks 25-May-2022 14:30 25-May-2022 15:30
IS202200071201 URSC 95 Sq. mm copper conductor multistranded cable 08-June-2022 09:30 08-June-2022 10:00
SA202100178301 SAC RF Coaxial SMA Connectors 03-June-2022 09:08 03-June-2022 09:11
VS202200141001 VSSC Hermitically sealed microswitches with Auxiliary levers 31-May-2022 11:00 01-June-2022 11:00
SA202100176001 SAC Ka-Band Tx ICs and Development Kit 24-June-2022 14:00 24-June-2022 14:30
VS202100639601 VSSC Phased Array Ulrasonic System with Probe and accessories 28-June-2022 14:00 28-June-2022 14:30
IS202200046401 URSC Fabrication and supply of GAGANYAAN Vibration Test Fixture 07-June-2022 09:30 07-June-2022 10:00
SA202100097301 SAC Space Grade RM1206 and RM0705 Chip Resistors 13-June-2022 10:00 13-June-2022 11:00
IS202200066401 URSC DSUB high density Crimpable and Combo Crimpable connectors 15-June-2022 09:30 15-June-2022 10:00
VS202200076001 VSSC Supply and installation of Helium leak test facility 31-May-2022 14:00 31-May-2022 14:05
VS202100538801 VSSC Precision LCR Meter- Bench top model 09-June-2022 11:00 09-June-2022 14:00
SH202200007001 SDSC SHA Supply of Steam Boilers and Associated Systems 29-May-2022 14:00 30-May-2022 14:30
IU202200133401 IISU TiC coated 3/32 inch AISI 440C steel balls of ABMA Grade 3 Specification 25-May-2022 16:00 26-May-2022 11:00
VS202100419301 VSSC Supply and Installation of data acquistion system and accessories 07-June-2022 10:00 07-June-2022 10:01
IS202200059701 URSC Hermetic sealed miniature snap-action switch & Actuator Lever for snap action Switch 15-June-2022 09:30 15-June-2022 10:00
MC202200004301 MCF SITC of 7.2M C-Band Full Coverage Antenna Terminal & RF System at MCF Bhopal 06-June-2022 16:30 07-June-2022 10:00
MC202200005801 MCF SITC of 7.2M Ku-Band Full Coverage Antenna Terminal & RF System at MCF Bhopal 07-June-2022 16:30 08-June-2022 10:30
SA202100074801 SAC TPS7A4501-RHA or Equivalent 27-May-2022 10:01 27-May-2022 10:01
SA202200052401 SAC Ka Band Commercial HMC 27-May-2022 09:05 27-May-2022 11:05
SA202100207501 SAC CMR Hi REL Capacitors 27-May-2022 10:05 27-May-2022 10:05
LP202200029501 LPSC Micrometer 27-May-2022 14:00 27-May-2022 14:30
IS202200059301 URSC DIODES 27-May-2022 09:30 27-May-2022 10:00
IS202200064501 URSC RF Cable and Connector 30-May-2022 09:30 30-May-2022 10:00
IS202200072401 URSC SOLID STATE RELAY 30-May-2022 09:30 30-May-2022 10:00
IS202200048501 URSC Technical Manpower Contract 08-June-2022 09:30 08-June-2022 10:00
VS202200173401 VSSC Non Comprehensive AMC for the Maintenance and Testing of Pressure Vessels and its Associated systems 31-May-2022 14:00 31-May-2022 14:05
IS202200071701 URSC HCMOS crystal clock oscillator 10-June-2022 09:30 10-June-2022 10:00
IS202200060401 URSC DSUB combo 8W8 Socket connector with 90 degree bend Power contacts 10-June-2022 09:30 10-June-2022 10:00
SA202200033701 SAC Work Order for Gold Plating on Aluminium and Kovar 10-June-2022 09:17 10-June-2022 10:18
SA202200034301 SAC Work Order for Silver Plating and other processes on Aluminium 10-June-2022 09:11 10-June-2022 10:11
VS202100464701 VSSC SUPPLY AND COMMISSIONING OF SCISSORS LIFT 20-June-2022 11:39 20-June-2022 15:41
SA202200073301 SAC Rad Hard Hex Schmitt Inverter and Bidirectional Level Shifter 31-May-2022 14:00 31-May-2022 15:33
VS202200156301 VSSC Spectroradiometer 30-May-2022 13:00 30-May-2022 15:00
SA202200055301 SAC Video Tripod 10-June-2022 14:00 10-June-2022 14:30
VS202200134501 VSSC Supply of non-contact type ultrasonic flow meter 02-June-2022 14:00 02-June-2022 14:01
IP202200022401 IPRC Industrial filters 13-June-2022 10:00 13-June-2022 10:05
IU202200176801 IISU Supply of wrought Iron-cobalt high magnetic saturation alloy (Vacoflux/permandure) 31-May-2022 14:00 31-May-2022 15:00
SH202100193301 SDSC SHA Satellite cooling duct repair work at FLP area 03-June-2022 16:00 03-June-2022 16:30
IS202200059501 URSC Quad N-Channel MOSFET (DIP-14 package) 31-May-2022 09:30 31-May-2022 10:00
SA202200041801 SAC IT Infrastructure Augmentation For Computer Networks 03-June-2022 14:00 03-June-2022 14:30
LE202200006901 LEOS Laser Gain Medium 09-June-2022 17:00 10-June-2022 10:30
LE202200006501 LEOS Laser Diode Array 09-June-2022 17:00 10-June-2022 10:30
SA202200061401 SAC Active Audio Monitors/Speakers 13-June-2022 14:00 13-June-2022 14:30
IS202200061701 URSC LEADLESS SURFACE MOUNT TANTALUM CAPACITORS 01-June-2022 09:30 01-June-2022 10:00
SA202200084301 SAC Procurement of MIL 1553 Bus Accessories 17-June-2022 09:06 17-June-2022 09:06
VS202200161901 VSSC Vertical Storage & Retrieval System 20-June-2022 10:30 20-June-2022 11:00
VS202200157701 VSSC Tool Presetter 22-June-2022 10:30 22-June-2022 11:00
VS202200071101 VSSC Vapour Degreasing Solvent 22-June-2022 10:30 22-June-2022 11:00
VS202200183801 VSSC Design, Development and Supply of Brushless DC motor 22-June-2022 10:30 22-June-2022 11:00
VS202100625701 VSSC ROTARY SWAGING MACHINE (Design Fabrication, Supply, Installation and Commissioning) 25-May-2022 14:00 25-May-2022 14:01
SA202100176901 SAC High-Speed Balanced Photodiode 27-May-2022 10:01 27-May-2022 10:01
VS202200117401 VSSC Manufacture and supply of 3D Printed PRU Hosuing 07-June-2022 14:00 07-June-2022 15:00
IS202200053001 URSC INTEGRATED CIRCUITS 27-May-2022 09:30 27-May-2022 10:00
IP202200037901 IPRC STEAM COOKING UNIT WITH AUXILIARY EQUIPMENTS 14-June-2022 14:00 14-June-2022 15:00
IS202100093401 URSC Calibration of ESD Equipments 26-May-2022 09:30 26-May-2022 10:00
IP202200034001 IPRC Procurement of Cryogenic Non-Return Valves 03-June-2022 10:00 03-June-2022 10:00
MC202200005301 MCF Supply of satellite modems 09-June-2022 16:30 10-June-2022 10:00
SA202200068601 SAC RF rectifier diodes 09-June-2022 08:56 09-June-2022 08:56
IP202200007001 IPRC Procurement of Cryogenic Check Valves 13-June-2022 10:00 13-June-2022 10:05
VS202100356301 VSSC Aerospace Quality Hydraulic Filter Elements 06-June-2022 10:30 10-June-2022 10:30
SA202200078701 SAC 180 deg Optical Hybrid 03-June-2022 09:01 03-June-2022 09:01
IP202200022101 IPRC Turbo Molecular Pumping Station, Dry vacuum Pumping system, vacuum gauges, valves and fittings 06-June-2022 10:00 06-June-2022 10:05
VS202200158901 VSSC Supply and Installation of Lab furniture for the Aviionics Package Production Facility under EPG/ESAE 15-June-2022 10:00 15-June-2022 14:00
VS202100641301 VSSC Storage for Network Security Appliances 10-June-2022 14:00 10-June-2022 14:05
IS202200048401 URSC Silver Plated copper wire 27-May-2022 09:30 27-May-2022 10:00
LP202200031501 LPSC LEVER TYPE DIAL TEST INDICATOR 20-June-2022 14:30 20-June-2022 14:30
VS202200138801 VSSC Pressure Control Servo Valves for ORV MLG Brakes 24-June-2022 10:30 24-June-2022 11:00
MC202200005201 MCF Request For Proposal for Assembly and Testing of IP Intercom Unit 14-June-2022 16:00 15-June-2022 10:00
IP202200040801 IPRC Supply of Gaseous Helium 13-June-2022 14:00 13-June-2022 15:00
SA202100154101 SAC Ku band VPC [ Variable power coupler ] 03-June-2022 09:18 03-June-2022 09:19
IP202200033201 IPRC Replacement of Propellant Tanks & DM Water Tank in PTS test facility. 17-June-2022 10:00 17-June-2022 10:05
IP202200040901 IPRC Supply of SS seamless pipe fittings & flanges 20-June-2022 10:00 20-June-2022 10:05
VS202100651001 VSSC Hafnium diboride 14-June-2022 14:00 14-June-2022 14:05
IS202200072501 URSC RF Connector 07-June-2022 09:30 07-June-2022 10:00
IS202200066101 URSC wide band synthesizer 20-June-2022 09:30 20-June-2022 10:00
SA202200043401 SAC Operations of GSAT-19 Ka-band Gateways at Ahmedabad and Byalalu (Karnataka) 14-June-2022 15:16 14-June-2022 16:00
SA202200082301 SAC Narrow Band 1550 nm optical filter 20-June-2022 10:01 20-June-2022 10:01
VS202200209301 VSSC Trichloroethylene 17-June-2022 11:00 17-June-2022 11:05
VS202200071301 VSSC New Super Computer Facility for VSSC 09-June-2022 14:00 09-June-2022 14:30
SH202100183201 SDSC SHA Supply of SS braided PTFE inner core convoluted hoses as per the enclosed specifications 26-May-2022 16:00 27-May-2022 14:30
IS202200053701 URSC CV CC DC Power Supplies 30-May-2022 09:30 30-May-2022 10:00