Sl.No Item Name Quantity
1 Cryogenic Dewar: Dismantling and removal of the 2 Nos. of 1 ML LN2 Dewars along with its accessories including all RCC structures and removal of debris including the steel used in RCC from the URSC campus. 1Lot
2 Cryogenic Dewar: Discount Scrap material of Dewars on lump sum basis. 1Lot
3 Cryogenic Dewar: Total civil works including Levelling, foundation and sub base, etc. 1Lot
4 Cryogenic Dewar: Supply of 4 x 240 kL Dewars system consisting of following: a. 240kL LN2 Dewars -4 nos b. GN2 System -1 nos c.Atmospheric vaporizers - 2 nos d. LN2 Transfer line-1 lot e. PLC control Panel -1 set f.Accessories -1 lot 1Lot
5 Cryogenic Dewar: Essential spares 1Lot
6 Cryogenic Dewar: Installation, acceptance tests and commissioning of 4 Nos. of 240 kL Dewars systems. 1Lot