Sl.No Item Name Quantity
1 PROPULSION BAY RING REALIZATION a) Propulsion Bay ring machining,Eddy current testing,Visual inspection and Dimensional inspection 11Nos.
2 MECHANICAL FABRICATION AND MANUFACTURING a) Realisation of Middle Ring, Fore end Ring and EB support ring (Machining,Eddy current testing,Visual inspection and Dimensional inspection,Anodisation and Dye penetrant test) 11Nos.
3 MECHANICAL FABRICATION AND MANUFACTURING Realisation of Metallic components Machining,Heat tratment,Surface treatment,visual testing and Dimensional inspection 11Sets
4 FABRICATION ASSEMBLY INSPECTION AND TESTING Assembly charges including Dimensional inspection,Non destructive testing,Testing of EBR and PBR tubes,Engineering,Consumables etc 11Nos.
5 Large Moulds and Fixture Fabrication a)Design and Fabrication of assembly fixture b)Stand for operator to carryout assembly operation 1Nos.
6 FABRICATION OF JIGS a) Fabrication of segmented dill jigs to carryout drilling on CFRP Panels and Rings. 1Sets